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The DNA of Champions

30th March 2016

This month I was privileged to hear Sir Clive Woodward speaking to an audience over dinner in the Isle of Man. The man most famous for leading the England Rugby team to victory in the World Cup in 2003 and then overseeing the ...

The Brexit Breakup

14th March 2016

Britain divided. Arguments in pubs and dining rooms across the land. Concern over the future of one of the greatest institutions the country has ever contributed to building. Members weighing up the huge financial implications of ...

More than 90% of wealthy families will fail to transition the wealth past the third generation. This fundamental truth seems to transcend both time and cultural boundaries. As proof, the multi-cultural wealth manager will quickly find ...

Bowie Knew Different

26th January 2016

A couple of years ago I wrote an article referencing the late, great David Bowie who had surprised us all with the release of an unannounced new album after many years in the musical wilderness. A planned follow up to this in early ...

If you own or operate a non-commercial aircraft, this should have been written at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions: “Check if I am affected by part NCC and make myself compliant if I am”. Like that resolution to shed the ...

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