Citizenship and Relocation Services

UK and EU Citizenship and Residency Applications

Opportunities can arise anywhere in the world. We regularly work with individuals, families, and corporates that are considering relocation for a variety of reasons. Whether relocating to a more secure or appropriate jurisdiction, seeking easier cross-border travel for leisure or business, or simply finding a new home for your family, we appreciate the complexities and concerns that can come with such significant moves.

We handle the administration of citizenship applications, residency applications, and company relocations. In many cases this is a licensable activity for which applicants require a local representative such as Boston to file on their behalf, and even where this is not the case our support substantially eases the application and moving process.

There are a variety of options available for wealthy families looking to relocate. Citizenship by investment programmes are available in many jurisdictions, and we are able to support these in both Malta and the UK and Isle of Man. This service combination offers either EU citizenship or British citizenship, depending on the preferences of the individual. We are also able to handle residency applications, for which there are also several different options available for shorter term arrangements or where the individual or family does not wish to change their citizenship status.

EU Citizenship Applications

Although EU citizenship is currently a topic beset by uncertainty, we are well placed to advise those looking to relocate on the current and potential future options available to them, which will vary by circumstances. Gaining an EU passport is desirable for many individuals and families who want to study or work freely in the European Union, and is possible for those who can invest into the local economies of their new homes. We handle all of the administration related to your citizenship application, guiding you through the process, which can take several years. In addition to families and individuals, we also support company relocation efforts, such as when a company is looking to relocate several staff to a new jurisdiction within the EU.

Two of the leading EU citizenship programmes are those offered by Cyprus and Malta. The Cyprus citizenship programme is often seen as the most affordable route to European citizenship, and we can advise on this. In recent years, however, the Cypriot citizenship programme has been eclipsed by Malta’s more widely recognised system, which is recognised by the European Commission.

Malta Citizenship and Residency

Situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is a politically stable country of rich natural and cultural heritage, with year-round sunshine and crystal waters, high standards of living, a developed economy, low crime rates, a first-rate education system, and excellent air links to continental Europe and the rest of the world. As a member of the European Union,

We are licensed to handle Maltese residency and citizenship applications through Malta’s leading relocation schemes and can be on-hand throughout the process to make it as simple for you as possible. The programmes currently available include:

  • The Malta Individual Investor Programme (or MIIP). This is the EU’s most reputable and recognised citizenship by investment programme, and we are licensed by Identity Malta to administer the applications for this programme. Once the process is completed, it offers the full benefits of an EU passport, including for your dependents and immediate family. Individuals must be represented by a licensed agent such as Boston for this application process.
  • The Malta Residency and Visa Programme. As this covers residency only, this is ideal for individuals looking to relocate to Malta without changing their citizenship. It requires a much smaller investment than the citizenship programme, yet still offers the right to reside, settle and stay indefinitely in Malta, without the need to apply for an entry visa. As Malta is a member of the EU, and part of the Schengen Area, once a person gets this Certificate, that person and his/her registered dependents shall also be allowed free movement within the Schengen Area.

Global Relocation Services

Company relocations can have significant administrative, tax, and regulatory implications. As an international provider of corporate administration services, we are able to provide holistic advice on all of these matters when moving your company to a new jurisdiction.

Our expert team not only handles the details of residency and citizenship applications when entering the EU, Britain, or the Isle of Man – they are also there to support you with all the other challenges of moving. We can support you with company relocation, property market advice, local educational options, and all the other little things that would otherwise start to add up.