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Please can you give us an overview of your career.  I started work in the financial industry in 1991 (having been at home looking after family) and started out as a secretary for the Group Legal Director at an IOM CSP.  When he left, I ...

Working from home can be a challenge for a variety of different reasons, some people will be on their own and struggling with not seeing anybody whilst others are trying to balance home schooling and keeping children entertained! Many ...

As you may be aware sadly Covid19 has returned to the Isle of Man following 7 months of there being no Covid in the community. As such the Isle of Man will be entering a 21 day lockdown from 7th January 2021. The wellbeing of the ...

2020: A memorable year

18th December 2020

Well 2020 has been something of a momentous year! As our first full year of trading since the management buyout in 2019, it was always going to be an exciting time but the coronavirus pandemic threw a whole new light on the importance ...

Esports also known as electronic sports is a form of sports competition played virtually using video games, often taking the form of organised, multiplayer competitions between professional players, individually or as a team. In ...

Non-resident landlords moving to corporation tax 6 April 2020 brought significant changes for non-resident landlords (NRLs) on UK property taxation with the transition from the income tax regime to he corporation tax (CT) regime. While ...

What is a Family Office? ‘Family office’ is a term that is now used extensively by a number of financial organisations including major banks, hedge funds, asset managers and others. In essence the term refers to the provision of ...