I was lucky enough to recently have had the opportunity to attend the Monaco Yacht Show as part of a strong Boston presence. I say lucky because I could not in any way be considered a super yacht expert – I leave that to Katherine Ellis and her team (who did a great job by the way!).

However, this being my second consecutive year in attendance I realise that MYS isn’t just about the yachts. My ‘expertise’ is in private client tax but also as a director of a successful trust company and family office I always have one eye on the future strategy of the business.  This is why it was great to talk to other professional advisers and receive introductions to their clients who may happen to own a yacht but also have other interests such as UK real estate and property developments, art collections and private jets.  These are all asset classes with which I and Boston are able to greatly assist in terms of wealth structuring and asset protection.

On a more diverse scale I met an increasing number of risk managers ranging from data security analysts to firms providing 24/7 private security services. If nothing else you meet people in some very interesting lines of business at the show, such matters discussed purely anonymously of course!  I was introduced to IT experts with ideas that could help shape Boston’s future technological capabilities in the fiduciary sector as well as marketeers of great branding and product positioning.

As I reflected on a very successful show for Boston it was with this last aspect that I posed the question as to what better environment to showcase Boston than surrounded by these amazing, floating works of art that reflect years of craftsmanship and dedication? It takes time and hard work to achieve such perfection. Seeing the efforts of the team at MYS this is a point not lost on Boston and so for me the show is the ideal complement to everything we represent as well as a clear marker of our future ambitions.