I am extremely pleased to announce a new partnership with Auriti Advisory, global art and design consultants. With Auriti, we aim to offer our clients personalised advice for both established collectors as well as to art lovers who are novices. We have endeavoured to bring this new offering to help support and grow our clients’ interest in art – and to help protect and manage their investments.

Auriti Advisory brings experience in managing the art assets of both individuals and museums. Through research and relationships around the world, Auriti has helped facilitate the growth of existing collections and made collecting a more accessible pursuit for those just starting out.

One unique offering from Boston and Auriti will be Collecting Trips to some of the top art fairs around the world. These are a unique opportunity to visit with artists, galleries, and curators, alongside our advisors. The first trip will be a short three-night exploration of the brand new African art fair in Paris, “Also Known as Africa”, and an opportunity to engage with one of the hottest emerging art markets (details here). In January, we will announce details of trips to the Armory Show (March, NYC), Frieze (October, London), and Art Basel Miami (December, Miami).

To enable this service, or to learn more about the offering, please do get in touch.