James McNee:

“My Time At Boston”

During my time at Boston everyone here has made me feel very welcome, also everyone always seems happy and has a smile on their face. My favourite task to do here is the scanning and I especially enjoyed scanning the cash receipts for the BP team. I always enjoy my time in Boston when I’m here over the school holidays and look forward to coming back in the future

Hannah Vernon-Browne:

“Summer at Boston”

My Summer at Boston has been amazing  – the company that gave me my first job and welcomed me into their community of cakes for everyone at every possible opportunity.

Even on the first day, I felt welcomed as I followed my Dad into the office and greeted my soon to be fellow workers. At first I was concerned that everyone would be wary of me due to my Dad being a senior member of staff, but I was soon talking away to Nicky and Ivan as I began my first role.

Boston moved this Summer and I was initially helping moving files back onto shelves from boxes. I distinctly remember the boxes being utterly chaotic as we attempted to make sense of the masses of boxes strewn across the new office’s floor. It was just a week in yet I felt like I belonged in Boston as we joked around trying to obtain some order.

Over the summer, I undertook many tasks including filing (giving myself many paper cuts in the process), scanning, and file conversions.

As well of this, I have taken part in my fair share of cake eating and coffee drinking.

My favourite part about this Summer has been to see what the working environment is actually like and get a sense of what is to come when I make it out of school and into the real working world. I will miss hearing some hilarious stories over a cup of coffee as I waited for my Dad to finish work and the general conversations with my co-workers as I did the projects given to me.

Whilst undertaking roles such as scanning, filing, converting files and other projects, I chatted with Nicky and my other co-workers, and I began to wonder how I ever felt uneasy about working here. The Summer has now ended but I believe that I am not finished with Boston yet; I loved working here, and will be happy to come back again should the opportunity arise.

Henry Corlett

“My Boston Blog”

Throughout my time at Boston this summer I have felt welcomed on board by a friendly team of people keen to lend a hand or answer a query wherever possible. For most of my time working here I was under the guidance of the wonderful Ivan Sapunov and Nicola Hughes, who taught me all there is to know about scanning and filing. However to ensure I had a varied and diverse experience with the company, I was then given a solo project to do by the delightful Mr Alex Fray. The project consisted of producing a spread sheet accompanied by a word document in which I analysed a dozen or so equity crowd funding websites. I thoroughly enjoyed the project and hope it was of at least some use to Alex, I know it taught me a lot. What I’m really going to take away from my time at Boston is the warm friendly working environment that has been created by this truly amiable group of people, and the seemingly non-stop supply of cake on offer in the kitchen.