My name is Shannon Kaneen and I am currently in my second year of a Cyber Security degree with Chester University, alongside UCM. During my days off from studying I have been doing work experience in the compliance team at Boston Multi Family Office to gain knowledge and experience of working in an office environment.

Although the work for Boston and my degree sound like they don’t exactly coincide, I soon discovered that there are aspects of cyber security everywhere. From doing different jobs within the compliance team, I have come to see that cyber security is a crucial part of a trust and corporate services provider and something they take very seriously.

Everyone in the office needs to have knowledge and a good understanding of how to keep all client and business information secure and away from the wrong eyes. There are many threats that can occur within a business, whether they are small or large.

One big threat is phishing. This is when an attacker sends what seems to be a legitimate email but is in fact the opposite. If a staff member was to fall for a phishing attack and click on an a link sent by an attacker the consequences would be quite severe. This could allow the attacker to access to a lot of confidential information that they could use in a malicious way and potentially ruin the business and its reputation.

I have learnt that Boston has a lot of security measures in place in order to stop any unauthorised access. One of these measures is two-factor authentication for accessing the computers. All staff must also undertake regular cyber security training to ensure they know about all the different security threats and how to reduce risk. Each quarter they get tested on different aspects of cyber security, i.e., password protection, phishing etc. The testing has proven to work well as it highlights who needs that extra bit of training and who knows what they are doing.

Working at Boston has not only shone some insight into how an office operates or what office life is like but is has also given me the opportunity to bring some knowledge into both my studies and my future working life.