On the 22nd March we took the decision to close all our offices due to the Covid 19 pandemic and all staff started working from home.

To date the Isle of Man has had no confirmed cases of Covid for over a month now and as such lockdown has been lifted and social distancing is not currently required, meaning our Isle of Man team have now returned to working from the office. Being an island we had the luxury of being able to close our borders which meant the outbreak could be brought under control relatively quickly, our borders remain closed so at present the risk of Covid 19 being brought into the island is pretty low so we are comfortable with returning to the office.

Our Malta office and Dubai office will likely be returning to the office in the next few weeks.

The transition to working from home was very straightforward as we already had the technology, the security and the systems in place to enable us to work remotely and continue to provide an excellent service to all our clients, so should the situation change we will quickly revert to working from home again.

During these unprecedented times, the wellbeing of the Boston staff across all our offices, our clients and their families are our priority and we will continue to adapt the way we work as required.