We are delighted to announce that our CEO Katherine Ellis won Leader of the Year at the Isle of Man Awards for Excellence on Thursday night.

She totally deserves this award and was really shocked (see the video on our LinkedIn page) as there are no nominees for this award so she had no idea!

This award recognises leaders with integrity, decisiveness, fairness, enthusiasm, knowledge and endurance which are qualities which Katherine demonstrates on a daily basis. During the ceremony she was recognised for leading our team through the Management Buyout of Boston, the acquisition of IQE Limited, and also for the refinancing of the business this summer.

These are all incredible achievements but what sets Katherine apart as a leader are her personal qualities which were highlighted during the ceremony. She is unfailingly kind and compassionate, completely authentic, humorous and good natured, always positive and optimistic (usually contagiously so), patient but never a pushover, never takes anything personally and always gives others a voice.