“Work as hard as you can, play as hard as you can and give something back” Michelle Mone.

In my role as CEO of Boston Group, a multi-family office, I am fortunate to get to meet many successful leaders and entrepreneurs. Every now and then I come across one that stands out from the rest and this morning was one of those occasions when I met Michelle Mone.

What an inspiration! Michelle started life in the tough streets of Glasgow, left school at fifteen with no qualifications, but held a deep-seated passion to become an entrepreneur. Her careers adviser at school didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was!

Inspired by people like Richard Branson, Tom Hunter and John Caudwell, Michelle set out to create a business in Ultimo that has used innovation to redefine how bras are made, marketed and distributed. And what a success Michelle and Ultimo have become.

Michelle, like Richard Branson, puts herself in the public eye to promote her brand and has generated nearly £1bn of free PR in the process. She’s also left herself open to constant criticism in the press and on social media. Like many other incredibly successful entrepreneurs that I’ve met, she is incredibly focused on the future, on creating more innovation, on achieving so much more.

Asked on her view of her success to date, Michelle is only looking forward “There’s so much more I want to do…”

The audience this morning was mostly investment managers, lawyers and traditional family offices. I smiled broadly when Michelle challenged that she doesn’t want to work with boring lawyers. “I only want to work with people that are fun!”

So, to Michelle and anyone else out there that wants to work with a contemporary, innovative and fun group of people to help with their family wealth, give me a call!

Greg Ellison
CEO Boston Group
07624 430429 (Call any time Michelle!)