The famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi.

It’s January, so as we do every year we make new year’s resolutions, we break new year’s resolutions and in some cases we live as we’ve always lived. I’ve been a life-long advocate of goal setting, of having the most ambitious plans, of finding ways in which to stretch myself and those around me to achieve great things, to be the best we can be. But if you knew you were going to die tomorrow what would you really do? If you were going to live forever what would you want to learn?

A mostly hypothetical position until you meet someone who knows that their time with us is limited. I have the privilege of knowing Katherine Crowe. I don’t know Katherine very well but she used to work with me at Barclays and is a seasoned singer, songwriter, author and so much more. Katherine is 38 years old, lives on the Isle of Man, is wife to Andy and Mum to two young kids. She also has terminal cancer. In her own words she is already nearly a year past her ‘due dead date’. She cherishes every day fuelled by the love of her family and the support of her friends.

Katherine doesn’t accept the inevitable, yet lives every day as if it might be her last. She sings and makes music. She writes books. She inspires thousands of people. She raises money for others. She plans for the future of her family. And she makes every single minute with her family count.

I have learnt so much from Katherine’s journey. About dignity, about pride, about contribution and about the power that one can take from the love of their family and an unshakeable determination to persevere.

As you set upon your path for 2014, I hope these lessons resonate with you too. Please support Katherine by buying her music, her book or contributing to her cause by clicking on