Whilst most of us may have failed somewhat at dry January, we have been busy encouraging new resolutions here at Boston!

To try and counter the failings of dry January, we have welcomed Jo Posey from Life Lessons Nutrition to come and speak to us about management of stress and work/life balance, eating for mental health, nutrition and detoxification which we have found extremely useful and informative. We are looking forward to the next one on how to age well!

To go with our newfound nutritional knowledge, the lovely Susie from Physioled Pilates has been holding lunchtime classes here at the Boston office. So once a week we take over the games room to work our inner core and de-stress!

We are also trialling standing desks for a few members of staff to gauge the benefits of not having to sit down for most of the working day. The desks are fully adjustable and allow the user to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day. Studies have shown that it can help with shoulder and back problems and rumour has it, standing also burns slightly more calories.

As part of a renewed focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, we have started to reduce our plastic consumption and increase our recycling efforts. We have removed our personal desk bins, reducing our plastic bin bag consumption and subsequently increasing our daily step count by using the main bins in the kitchen! Which now also includes separate recycling bins for plastic, cans and glass.