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Boston Group has been granted a full trust licence by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as part of an ongoing strategy for service development and expansion. This licence complements and mirrors our the Group’s full service ...

What is good management?

30th October 2013

I have always thought that being a good manager is a bit like plastering a wall – looks easy until you try it yourself!...

The  front page of the Sunday Times leads with the story of Sir Richard Branson and his apparent ‘quitting the country’ to save tax by living in his paradise Island in the Caribbean. Now I love the Isle of Man but if I ...

I was lucky enough to recently have had the opportunity to attend the Monaco Yacht Show as part of a strong Boston presence. I say lucky because I could not in any way be considered a super yacht expert – I leave that to ...

Superyachts Show off…

9th October 2013

Katherine Ellis, Business Development Director at Boston Group, reflects on the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show....

Tax Haven No More

2nd October 2013

“A Tax Haven sitting in the Irish Sea” Alistair Darling I’m sure we all remember this quote from the Chancellor of the day back in the gloomy days of the global financial crisis and his boss saying there was a need to look again at the ...

Professionalism is a word we often hear in todays media, regrettably all to often preceded by the phrase “a lack of…”. Nevertheless be it in the context of business, the sporting area, or public services, how do we define the concept ...

Despite economic despondency and pessimism in recent years, the economic climate hasn’t appeared to have affected the pockets of the super wealthy when it comes to vacations and luxuries. The Superyacht Report recently stated that ...

In its recent ‘Market-sizing’ report, The Boston Consulting Group (no connection to Boston Group of which I am the Chief Executive) highlights a slight decline in the relative proportion of global wealth placed offshore from 6.4% to ...

Monaco Yacht Show 2013

16th September 2013

We are delighted to announce that Boston will be attending the Monaco Yacht Show from 25 -28 September 2013. If you would like to arrange a meeting with our experienced team please email Lauren O’Neill loneill@boston.co.im. We look ...

Malta has concluded yet another double taxation treaty during a recent official visit by the Prime Minister of Malta to Kiev, Ukraine. During the working visit, Malta also extended its support for the signing of an association ...