Monaco yacht show is the place to go to see the latest tech and toys that are available for superyachts, and boy did we see a lot last week at the 2016 event! It inspired me to take a step back from the corporate structuring of yacht ownership that is our bread and butter and focus a little more on the yachts themselves and how they are enjoyed. Now it’s important to note that, whilst immensely fun, such things aren’t entirely frivolous for the serious yacht enthusiast: toys are a hugely important part of a yacht’s inventory for owners who intend to offer their yacht for charter, as guests will expect them as part of the package.

Jet Ski Accessories and Alternatives

One of most popular yacht toys is the jet ski. They have been around since 1972 and no superyacht would be complete without one. So far, so unsurprising. What many yachts are still lacking, however, is an inflatable jet ski dock. They are strong, stable and more forgiving of your guests’ less-than-perfect parking! They feature a non-slip surface and can be custom built to your requirements. There’s also a whole world of towable accessories out there, from single rider towables, to 2-man, 3-man and even up to 8-man banana boats. Alternatively, you could always one-up the jetski crowd with an amphibious quad-ski with retractable wheels, the sleek quadrofoil, or even personal hovercraft.



Bored of scooting over the water like an aquatic Evel Knievel? Start scooting around under the water instead! The Seabob is a relatively new toy in the industry and is a hand held underwater scooter that allows users to cruise at depths of up to 130ft at 10mph. It has been described as a personal submarine that allows you to move gracefully through the water like a dolphin and is great for diving.


The Superpool

Sea swimming is great, but sometimes you want the comfort and ease of a pool, particularly for children – so create your own swimming pool with the superpool! The superpool is an inflatable swimming pool, including a floor that can be anchored off a yacht or beach. The floor pieces are removable and can be placed in any configuration giving endless possibilities for layout and modifying the pool size. It is possible to deck out the whole pool to create a highly individual party venue.


Inflatable slides, blobs, and walls

An inflatable slide for your superyacht really is a must, allowing guests to slide from the top deck to the sea in seconds. Curved slides are the latest craze! The blob, meanwhile, works under the maxim that what goes down must come up! It is a large inflatable tube that is attached to the side of the yacht. Guests then jump down from the yacht onto one end of the blob and someone sitting on the opposite end gets fired into the air and into the water. People can be fired as high as 20 or 30 feet into the air so it is recommended that helmets and impact vest are worn when using this toy. Finally, you can complete the set by giving guests a great way to get back up to blob-jumping height, with a custom inflatable climbing wall.


The weird and wonderful

These were just a few of my favourites, but it’s not an exhaustive list. I haven’t covered personal submarines, inflatable trampolines, or water jetpacks, to name just a few. What a great industry we work in!