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Collecting art or classic cars, owning a professional sports team, even horse racing: all achievable and entertaining hobbies for a high net worth individual. At a certain point, all of these things will also become valuable financial ...

2015 gave rise to numerous new museum openings. While it used to be hard to summarise the importance of museums, now, all you need to do is look at the buildings. Museums are being treated as a laboratory for the most provoking and ...

The subjective practice of buying or selling art exercises a human function rarely applied elsewhere. As such a personal exercise, the success of any collector invokes variables beyond price or worth. The journey toward establishing a ...

The difference between a fair and a gallery lies in the nature of the relationship between the dealer and the collector. The nature of the interaction is decidedly unique and both collector and dealer approach visiting fairs and ...

I am extremely pleased to announce a new partnership with Auriti Advisory, global art and design consultants. With Auriti, we aim to offer our clients personalised advice for both established collectors as well as to art lovers who are ...