Alex Hamilton has been undertaking work experience at Boston for the last year whilst completing his degree. Below he gives an insight into his time at Boston and how it has impacted his studies.

When being offered temporary work experience in the compliance team at Boston in the summer before the final year of my degree in Business Management, I never gave it a second thought as I knew it would be beneficial. Although stressful balancing part-time work along with a degree, the experience that could be gained while working in a corporate service provider outweighed this. I believe that the work I have undertaken here has been invaluable for both future employment and my education.

Why is work experience important?

With industry experience being deemed vital in the competitive job market, coming out of university with a degree does not offer enough to employers. As a result of this, work experience plays a pivotal role in the development of students in their preparation to obtaining employment after the completion of their education. Especially with employers generally preferring to recruit graduates with previous experience on top of their studies. Due to this fact, gaining experience in a corporate services provider is incredibly valuable especially as I’m based in the Isle of Man which as such a large finance industry.

What have I gained from working at Boston?

While working at Boston I have been presented with various tasks which have allowed me to further understand the culture of working in an office and allowed me to have a positive insight into working life after education.

This opportunity Boston have provided me with has allowed me to gain experience in an office environment and have also allowed for the development of crucial employability skills, which I have been able to be transfer back into my education. Applying key principles that were only obtainable via work experience provided deeper insight into operational aspects of a business which proved to be a great asset in finishing the qualification. Furthermore, the experience has enabled for a transition period in the final year to adapt to a working culture from a student lifestyle.

Having the privilege to work in a fast-paced office environment presented me with an incredible opportunity to encourage the development of my strengths and weaknesses. Along with this, I have been able to create an understanding of which skills need to be developed in order to possess a thorough understanding of the role I have worked in during my time doing work experience.

How do I believe to have benefitted from the work experience?

Overall, I believe that the experience I have gained at Boston to be crucial in both academic and working approaches. The knowledge and understanding of compliance I have attained while working here have been incredibly valuable as they have provided me with the experience necessary to recognise trends in the sector. Furthermore, the experience has enabled me to further develop the soft skills that are required to be successful in a job. In addition to this, having the ability to bring first-hand knowledge into my degree and understand how a business employs the key themes discussed on the course was particularly valuable to me.

The opportunity provided to me by Boston has been incredibly beneficial for me and I am very thankful to have been able to expose myself to the wonderful working environment that has been created here.