Professionalism is a word we often hear in todays media, regrettably all to often preceded by the phrase “a lack of…”. Nevertheless be it in the context of business, the sporting area, or public services, how do we define the concept of professionalism?

The concept of a professional, or professionalism, can be amorphous and an exact definition is affected by context, experiences and an individuals personal ethics. However whilst studying towards my ACCA qualification I came across an unattributed quote that to me simply and effectively defines the concept of professionalism:
‘It’s not the job you do – it’s how you do the job’

It is easy to get drawn into the narrow view that a professional is simply someone whom has gained a qualification in a particular area. However it is clear that mounting pressure internationally is being placed upon professionals to take a more ‘holistic’ view of their conduct. Professionalism, increasingly, is concerned with not only the fact that they are technically competent at work but how they conduct themselves, behave and are perceived by others both internally and externally to their business.

One of the key aspects of maintaining a professional relationship is a sense of trustworthiness, providing the client, employer or partners, and the general public with the assurance that they will always perform to exacting standards and that they will do not only what they say they will, but more importantly, what is expected of them.

Here at Boston we look to cultivate an environment that engenders this essence of professionalism. People are encouraged to look for ways to enhance and develop themselves and the business, not only though the acquisition of qualifications, but also with innovative thinking and a desire to perform at a consistently high standard. It is a culture driven by the enthusiasm of CEO Greg Ellison to create a “Culture of Excellence” within Boston, and to make Boston a market leader in creating new ways of doing business with our partners and clients.

Being a truly independent international firm with its origins firmly planted in the family office sector allows Boston to create a truly unique proposition whether that involves Yacht and Aircraft management structures to more tailored approaches to family succession planning, asset management or philanthropy, all handled in a highly professional manner.