The above is a quote by Andrew Carnegie, he of the Carnegie Medal and namesake of Carnegie Hall. He was at one point richer than Rockerfeller and one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Fascinating then that even at this point in the industrial age, where health and safety and employee engagement was not even heard of, he recognised that a happy workforce is an engaged workforce.

Lets face it, we are at work generally more than we are at home, so making the workplace an engaging and pleasant experience is the key to attracting and retaining good staff.

Remember when everyone thought Google had lost their minds when they installed slides and ball pits (not sure if that’s true to be honest !) into offices ? How times have changed – you cant move in London offices for in house Baristas and bean bags.

When we undertook the MBO of Boston back in 2019, as a Board we were all on the same page culturally. We knew what we wanted our culture to look like and feel like and we most certainly knew what we didn’t want !

Since that time we have embraced changes to bring the workplace into the modern age – able to engage both Gen X and Millennials and understand what makes these groups tick.

As an employer we do all the normal stuff, competitive salaries and bonus schemes but alongside non-monetary rewards such as:

  • Weekly Pilates class
  • Dress for your day
  • Flexible working between core hours
  • Remote working
  • Ad hoc sessions with wellness and nutrition experts
  • Active and engaged Corporate Social Responsibility committee working closely with local charities to make a difference in our communities

The atmosphere in our offices is friendly welcoming and open. Most Directors sit in the open plan office, we have the radio on during the day (admittedly we have discussions over Radio 1 vs Radio 2). We adopt and encourage a collegiate approach where people can learn and discuss issues without fear or ridicule. We even converted the largest internal office in our Isle of Man headquarters into a Bar which we use to all get together and discuss the progress of the business and upcoming matters on a monthly basis. It’s also used for lunchtime PlayStation battles.

Overall, we recognised that “it’s nice to be nice” and whilst yes, we are a business that needs to make money – we can all enjoy the journey and we frequently do!