Why indeed.  I am sure this is a question that many Financial Directors ask of their business colleagues every time an expenses claim hits their inbox.

It is easy for people to assume that a free, and very good, VC system is a natural way to cut down on travel costs without adversely affecting their business.  In some respects this is exactly what Skype does in that it is an initial way of making contact with a potential client who lives anywhere other than the Isle of Man – and let’s be honest, getting off the Island alone is not cheap!

However, once the initial pleasantries have been exchanged most clients will expect a follow-up meeting.  For some, it is about looking at you across the table and asking probing and sometimes difficult questions. For others, it is about your commitment to them and their business.

The world is a smaller place now with competition in virtually every sector and in nearly every country.  If you want to compete, you need to know your market well and being there in person cannot be bettered.

For those that travel frequently, I am sure they would love to see the early morning flights and long airport queues replaced by Skype calls. However, I for one do not think that many will achieve this. In fact, I will go as far as saying we should expect even more travel in the years to come as we explore wider opportunities for business growth.