Winning Women: A Report on the Rise of Female Wealth Creators

“Global wealth demographics have been going through seismic shifts in recent decades. Emerging markets have enjoyed explosive growth in their high and ultra-high net worth populations, while a new generation of younger clients has come to the fore. But it is the “women’s wealth” story that is arguably most compelling.

“Although true gender equality still lies some way off, female financial empowerment has been accelerating at a remarkable rate off the back of better access to education, improved labour market participation and growing entrepreneurialism. Women are currently estimated to control around a third of the world’s total private wealth, with their financial strength growing at every level. Today, over half the region’s female billionaires are first-generation entrepreneurs and – as this report will explore – similar dynamism is being seen right around the world.

“Against this background, it is little wonder that the wealth management and advisory sector has begun putting such great efforts into better understanding the wants and needs of wealthy women. Not only do female clients constitute a large segment, but they are a highly attractive one inclined towards greater loyalty and advocacy of their trusted advisors.

“As its title indicates, this report aims to explore the sectors and regions where women are “winning” in the wealth stakes today, and then to outline key ways firms might look to attract and retain their business.”

– Wendy Spires, Report Author

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